Masters of Scent Trilogy

To read my interview with Paul Semel about my latest release, the first of the Masters of Scent trilogy, click here.

Book 1: Masters of Scent

The Sutanites, the rulers of Ean, control the people, how they think and what they do, using scent magic. They remove threats to their power by crushing or retraining scent-talented young Eanites before their skills are fully developed.

Targus, a scent master with unusual skills, newly arrived in Ean is the catalyst for change.

The vicious Sutanite elite will stop at nothing to find and destroy him while the Resistance see him as their only chance for freedom.

Success and failure are balanced on a knife’s edge in the resultant civil war where the outcome will be determined by who controls the most powerful scent magic.

Will the Eanites gain their freedom at last or will they be crushed once and for all by their foreign rulers?

Read the book to find out where this character appears in the trilogy!

Book 2: Tumblers of Rolan

An uneasy peace is shattered as the deposed Sutanite ruler seeks revenge on Ean, but the neighbouring land of Rolan brings a new scent magic to Ean in an effort to thwart the enemy’s plans.

Scheduled for release by IFWG Publishing in November 2023.

Book 3: Shadow Scent

The aggressive Sutanites make a final push to capture and control the lands of Ean and Rolan. All that stands in their way is a teenage girl wielding a strange new shadow scent magic.

Scheduled for release by IFWG Publishing in November 2024.