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Kings of Undercastle

Kings of Under-Castle is an anthology of short stories featuring Pickel and Weasle, two disreputable characters living in the drainage system beneath a castle.

Pickel and Weasle are quick to purloin valuables to make their life in the dark tunnels more comfortable – nor are they fussy about what they eat, as long as it’s meat. Their exploits get these rogues into many sticky situations that test their ingenuity and usually, but not always, they end up on top.

During their adventures Pickel and Weasle encounter a cast of characters including the officious Courtier Bland, the macabre Surgeon Strichnin, the Keeper of the Royal Bloodhounds, and Ben whose one word vocabulary speaks volumes. They meet with the King and Queen, the lovely Helena von Gosporin, the cheery jailer Drossum, all the while being supported/hindered by two cheeky urchins, Joe and Ferd.

A Taste of Honey

A taste of honey, a taste of blood, of strong liquors and far-away places, of people with skills and those who try to make others believe they do…

Michael Fletcher has the skill to bring you stories from different worlds, different places, heroes with different reasons to be at loose in the night or sometimes even during the day.

There are 43 stories in this anthology. The editor at Double Dragon has just one word for the reader – Enjoy.


Kat’s life mate is murdered. Despite being of a pacifist feline-like species, Kat seeks vengeance, only to discover she has murdered the wrong man, the son of an Intergalactic Council member.

Pursued by enforcers and exiled from her pride, Kat must kill again to save her life. Aided by a canine-like mystic and a mysterious Agency, she and two young human friends commence a deadly pursuit across the galaxy.

To prevent the hunting of intelligent species to extinction, Kat must follow her predator instincts and deny her pacifist culture in a world of kill or be killed.

Scheduled for release by IFWG Publishing in February 2024.